03 August, 2015

My back to school essentials and July favorites.

I can't believe that I am headed into my Senior year in high school! Time truly does pass by, and I'm so excited to see where my future has in hold for me. For this school year, I didn't want boring notebooks and I didn't want boring binders. I wanted things that had a pop of color and had inspiring words on them! 

Back to school essentials >
> Planner. It is SO important to write down everything that is going on in your lives! I have so much going on, and I barely remember everything that I have to do!
> Highlighters. I LOVE highlighting all of my work, everything is color and it makes me want to read it over and over again. 
> Cute notebooks. OKAY, Target has the best school supplies because look how cute all of the notebooks are down below. I love all of the positive messages on the front of them, and I feel like they are totally show my personality! Make sure you have notebooks to take notes in class!
> Chocolate chips. Of course I'm going to have a bag of chocolate chips, because I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I always get hungry during my classes so it's a must to have my favorite treat in my bag. 
> Pencils. If you don't have pencils than you're going to be the person that always has to ask for a pencil. It gets annoying, trust me. 
> Back pack. Of course you're going to need a backpack, because you don't want to be carrying all of your big books in your hands! Ain't nobody got time for that.
July Favorites

Makeup >

> rimmel stay matte primer
> covergirl outlast mascara
> milani's baked blushes
> rimmel 16 hour lip stain

Food >

> Paradise Bakery's California Turkey sandwich
> rainbow gold fish (YUM)
> salmon chicken patties at whole foods

Music >

> cheerleader by omi
> fight song by rachel platten
> where are you now by justin bieber
> honey i'm good by andy grammer


22 May, 2015

Preschool Bullying Prevention.

Yesterday I got to talk to Lehi High School's pre-school program! All these kids were so cute and they were so willing to participate in what I was teaching them. They were so cute, and I was so happy I was able to go speak to them, about the importance of bullying prevention! I love speaking to kids about my platform, all of them are so dear and they are great listeners!


07 May, 2015

Bullying prevention.

Today I had a great opportunity to go to Freedom Elementary, and talk to the cutest kids about bullying prevention. Before the assembly started I got to talk to all these kids individually, all of them were so cute. They were telling me all about their lives, what they were doing for summer vacation, even how they got their first iPod, how some got back from Disney world with the cheer squad. I than asked all of them if they have ever been bullied before. All of them said yes, they were telling me all their stories of how kid broke their arm and how someone told them they shouldn't be living anymore. While I was hearing these stories, I had tears forming into my eyes. These kids were only 7 that I was talking to, and they were experiencing these type of situations. It broke my heart, because they were so little and so innocent. While I was sharing my story, I asked all of the kids to raise their hands if they have ever been bullied. All of the kids in the gym raised their hands. It made my heart ache, because all of them were going through such a hard trial they had to go through at such a young age. I'm so grateful I had this opportunity to go speak to such great kids and teach them about bullying prevention. All of them were so cute, and had open arms as soon as I walked into the building. I'm so grateful for the Miss America program, and for the everlasting kindness it brings into our country. 


04 May, 2015

DIY//Crayon Lipstick

Crayons? Into lipstick? YES, it's possible and so affordable!
  • One whole crayon—preferably Crayola. I tried this with a cheap crayon from a restaurant and the result was too waxy. In this tutorial, I’m using crayons from a 64-crayon box of Crayola crayons, and let me tell you, opening that new box and inhaling was like being back at the first day of kindergarten.
  • ½ teaspoon coconut oil. (You can get coconut oil at the grocery store. It usually comes in a jar or a plastic tub and is solid and opaque white at room temperature.)
  • ¼ teaspoon olive oil or other vegetable oil.
  • Paper towels.
  • A small glass bowl or a jelly jar that has an opening big enough to put your hand into.
  • A cutting board covered with a paper towel.
  • A butter knife.
  • A pot to boil water in.
  • A tool for stirring: a chopstick works well. Just make sure it’s not made of plastic or any other material that will melt in boiling water.
  • A mold of some kind for your lipstick. 

1. Choose a color for your lipstick. The darker and/or more vibrant the crayon color, the better the results.
2. Peel the paper label off. It will come off really easily if you run it under warm water for a few seconds first.
3. Fill your pot with, four inches of water and turn the heat on high to get the water boiling, then reduce the heat to low to medium, so that the water keeps boiling but isn’t spurting all over the place.
4. Put ½ teaspoon coconut oil and ¼ olive or vegetable oil in your glass jar.
5. Make sure your cutting board is completely covered by the paper towel so you don’t get crayon all over the board. Carefully, slowly (so chunks don’t fly everywhere) cut your crayon into small pieces with your butter knife. (The crayon needs to be in smaller pieces so it melts faster.)
6. Put the crayon pieces into your small glass jar along with the coconut oil and olive/vegetable oil.
7. Set your glass jar carefully down into the pot of boiling water. 
8. Get your mold out and ready—have it nearby.
9. Use the chopstick (or whatever) to stir the crayon pieces and oils together, and watch as the crayon chunks get smaller and smaller…
10. Keep stirring until the crayon is all melted and smooth.
11. Turn off the stove. Then get an oven mitt and CAREFULLY CAREFULLY OWIE HOT BE CAREFUL pull your glass jar with the molten crayon mixture out of the pot. Grab your mold and carefully, steadily pour the molten crayon into the mold. MOLTEN LIKE HOT LAVA CAUTION CAUTION
12. Moving slowly, transfer your mold full of hot wax to the refrigerator, where it’ll need 15–20 minutes to set before you can use it.