07 May, 2015

Bullying prevention.

Today I had a great opportunity to go to Freedom Elementary, and talk to the cutest kids about bullying prevention. Before the assembly started I got to talk to all these kids individually, all of them were so cute. They were telling me all about their lives, what they were doing for summer vacation, even how they got their first iPod, how some got back from Disney world with the cheer squad. I than asked all of them if they have ever been bullied before. All of them said yes, they were telling me all their stories of how kid broke their arm and how someone told them they shouldn't be living anymore. While I was hearing these stories, I had tears forming into my eyes. These kids were only 7 that I was talking to, and they were experiencing these type of situations. It broke my heart, because they were so little and so innocent. While I was sharing my story, I asked all of the kids to raise their hands if they have ever been bullied. All of the kids in the gym raised their hands. It made my heart ache, because all of them were going through such a hard trial they had to go through at such a young age. I'm so grateful I had this opportunity to go speak to such great kids and teach them about bullying prevention. All of them were so cute, and had open arms as soon as I walked into the building. I'm so grateful for the Miss America program, and for the everlasting kindness it brings into our country. 


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