03 August, 2015

My back to school essentials and July favorites.

I can't believe that I am headed into my Senior year in high school! Time truly does pass by, and I'm so excited to see where my future has in hold for me. For this school year, I didn't want boring notebooks and I didn't want boring binders. I wanted things that had a pop of color and had inspiring words on them! 

Back to school essentials >
> Planner. It is SO important to write down everything that is going on in your lives! I have so much going on, and I barely remember everything that I have to do!
> Highlighters. I LOVE highlighting all of my work, everything is color and it makes me want to read it over and over again. 
> Cute notebooks. OKAY, Target has the best school supplies because look how cute all of the notebooks are down below. I love all of the positive messages on the front of them, and I feel like they are totally show my personality! Make sure you have notebooks to take notes in class!
> Chocolate chips. Of course I'm going to have a bag of chocolate chips, because I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I always get hungry during my classes so it's a must to have my favorite treat in my bag. 
> Pencils. If you don't have pencils than you're going to be the person that always has to ask for a pencil. It gets annoying, trust me. 
> Back pack. Of course you're going to need a backpack, because you don't want to be carrying all of your big books in your hands! Ain't nobody got time for that.
July Favorites

Makeup >

> rimmel stay matte primer
> covergirl outlast mascara
> milani's baked blushes
> rimmel 16 hour lip stain

Food >

> Paradise Bakery's California Turkey sandwich
> rainbow gold fish (YUM)
> salmon chicken patties at whole foods

Music >

> cheerleader by omi
> fight song by rachel platten
> where are you now by justin bieber
> honey i'm good by andy grammer


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